Claudio Heidel Schemberger training with the LYNX for the X-alps



Claudio Heidel Schemberger will face the great challenge of ' the world's most hard race ' flying the EN-C LYNX. Claudio says "it is a high-performance wing and even though it requires active piloting, I feel very comfortable with it. I believe that, while it will not be as fast as a two-line CCC, flying in harmony will allow me to have a more calm mind and hope to make better decisions. The commitment to be able to fly in any situation how I like it. The glider I feel very well, the first day I made a goal and crossed from Pedro Bernardo to Avila City (Spain) and the next day I went very well, taking a thermal from 50 meters from the ground and reaching 2900 m above the valley. I like it

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