Flying a EN-C Cure, ​Tyr Goldsmith took gold in the Sports class at the Chelan Nationals.



Congratulations to Tyr Goldsmith, only 18, for winning his first competition and beating his Dad Bruce Goldsmith who also made it on the podium in 3rd! “I’m really surprised and I wasn’t expecting this at all.” explains Tyr, “what was great is that I could keep up with everybody, and I even caught up with the lead gaggle at one point on the last task!”The Chelan Nationals had a solid turnout especially in the Sports class, with 45 of the best US pilots competing for the gold. Tyr had a good challenge but with his solid start he kept the lead throughout.The competition had 5 valid tasks. The competition was written into the record books with the longest task ever validated a 226km and more than 60 pilots made goal. See full results here:

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