'Power steering' is now available on the Dual



The Dual brings a better level of control to Tandem pilots. Enabling you to control the wing in all situations with less force. Bruce calls it powered steering, and it means the brakes are sensitive offering great feedback for thermalling. The Dual has completed certification with Air Turquoise in Villeneuve. The load test was completed on 7th September and the Dual managed to hold an impressive 250kg x 8 = 2000Kg without breaking. This huge load is a great plus point for pilots who may want to fly the Dual with a Tandem paratrike. The Dual is one of the strongest built tandems on the market. The flight test gives EN B at all weights with a massive weight range of 120 - 220Kg with only 7,5kg gliderweight. The first Dual production will be arriving just after St Hilaire.

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