Zlatko Koren


Zlatko is self employed and all of his free time tries to spend for his hobbies. Specially flying, climbing, running… with his wife Tanja and daughter Katarina. He experienced his first tandem flight with a friend who is an alpinist in 1993 and he immediately knew that he would take up paragliding in the future. However, he dedicated a lot of his time to climbing at that time. He made his first solo flight in 2003 but started more serious flying in 2005. He started climbing in 1991 and the same year marked the beginning of his alpine climbing. Since then he have accomplished more than 800 alpine climbs in winter and summer. He have been on six climbing expeditions in Patagonia, USA and Pakistan-Karakoram. He also like other endurance sports specialy running. He did some ultra trail marathones. His longest one was Tor des geants in 2010. In 2009 he made his first 200km + flight. In last years he combine endurance sports with flying and compete on hike&fly competitions like Bordairlines, Crossalps, Dolomitisuperfly and X-pyr in 2016.

#Nomad, #Vol Bivouac, #Cross Country

  • Age : 45
  • Flying since 2005
  • Current kit : BGD Lynx
  • Top sites : Kobala, Sorica, Čaven
  • Gig : Self-employment
  • Bad weather fillers : Paragliding, climbing, running,cycle...


    In 2009 he was second in xc –globe flying in Slovenia.
    He also competed in Slovenian Wintercup, and Serialcup, and other shorter h&f races (green challenge, cor&sgola, Dolomitenman…)
    He did croscountry flights up to 220km, competed on Bordairlines, Crossalps, X-pyr,
    Dolomitysuperfly, and other h&f competitions.