Pedro Perpétuo


Pedro Perpétuo is a HVAC engineer, married, with two children, who began to practise paragliding when he moved to the Azores in 2001. Since then he has been flying for fun on a regular basis. Paragliding is for him the best sport in the world. He loves to fly over volcanoes, loves flying on the beach, loves XC competition, loves to do tandem flights and share his passion with others. Pedro started XC competition few years ago and he was 1st in Sport Class in the Portuguese Championship 2017 on the BGD CURE.

#Cross Country

  • Edad : 47
  • Vuela desde 2001
  • Equipamiento actual : BGD Cure
  • Sitios top : São Miguel, Azores, Portugal Castelo de Vide, Portugal Montalegre, Portugal
  • Show : HVAC Engineer
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Paragliding and sailing
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