Alican Kutrup


Alican started flying in 2018. It was seeing wingsuiting that first drew him to the idea of flying, and he was advised to start paragliding first. For now he says, that gives him the buzz he is looking for. "I let it flow, I just want to enjoy paragliding. I will go wherever the road takes me!" With a few years' experience under his belt he is driven to fly cross-country. "In 2023, I want to achieve +200km, +300km flight in Turkey", with ambitions to go bigger, elsewhere, down the line. He also wants to get some acro and freestyle moves dialled – being around the scene in Ölüdeniz, it would be rude not to! Alican loves that paragliding brings not only the joy of flight itself, but the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, and to discover new places and cultures. "Sometimes, people we don’t know come to us with excited eyes (especially kids), it is a beautiful thing in the world when we saw their happiness when we describe what we feel in the air!" His first wing was an ADAM, "a great choice for a beginner", then he went on to the EPIC and the DUAL 2. He's moving to a BASE 2, with a KISS for hike and fly.


  • Âge : 33
  • Vole depuis : : 2018
  • Equipement actuel : Epic
  • Sites fréquentés : Ölüdeniz: For the view and the atmosphere. "Ölüdeniz is like a paradise for every paragliding pilot!"
  • Métier : Metallurgical and Materials Engineer
  • Passions : Biking, Hiking, Trekking

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