Killian Kopczynski


Killian started paragliding at the age of 15, encouraged by his father. He immediately became passionate about cross-country, and the fact that he is now living in Grenoble allows him to diversify his sport. His main activity is still cross-country but he has discovered hike&fly, which he really enjoys too. At the beginning of 2021 he tested Tyr Goldsmith's Cure 2 and immediately liked it. Killian's local flying site also happens to be the BGD R&D test team's local site, so he got to know and fly with some of the test team, and spent some time working with them in summer 2022. Killian plans to start XC competitions this year, and to spend time working on his acro. HIs little brother just started paragliding at the age of 13, too. Killian says, "I am very proud of him!"


  • Age : 22
  • Flying since : 2016
  • Current kit : Cure 2
  • Top sites : Gourdon, France Saint HIlaire, France
  • Gig : Student
  • Activities : Snowboarding, climbing, swimming