Muzi's flight from Everest South Col



On 18 May 2023, BGD Team Pilot Li Shengtao, known to his friends as Muzi, flew from the South Col of Everest, 8,000m, landing safely at base camp on his BGD Anda XS.

Muzi said, "Anda is a super nice glider, it flies so well even at such a high altitude. I was lucky to have a short window to take off, and found nice lift that makes it possible to fly up to the summit, but everyone is waiting for me, even the helicopters are held up for me, so I didn't try to go up, and landed at the base camp at 5400m after 20+ minutes in the air".

Copyright: Bosideng Expedition Team Everest Camara: Zuo Ma, Liu Qing, Li Heng, Han Si, Muzi Music: No Le Pares Bola - VIOLE

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