Tala feedback and flights



Our stand at St Hilaire represented BGD, Airwave and the SIV Bible. Here Tyr, my son, can be seen radio controlling the Airwave Shark helium filled blimp which floated around above our stand. At St Hilaire we got the first feedback on the new Tala colour scheme. There was an overwhelming preference for this new ‘fresher’ look over the previous colour scheme, and the first test flights have also confirmed that it also looks great in the air. I had been hoping that this Tala proto would be the one to go to certification as I have been already working on a series of protos through the summer. First impressions of this proto leave me thinking that more work is necessary till I accept that every detail is exactly as I would wish. Ziad Bassil, the author of the well know web site www.dustoftheuniverse.com did an interview of me which can be seen on his own web site as well as youtube.

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