Guillaume Funck


Guillaume is a Belgian engineer and filmmaker who is passionate about mountains in general. He started mountaineering at a young age and it soon became obvious that he needed to take on paragliding to avoid long downhills! So he did! He soon discovered that you can also go up using your paraglider, and cover a lot of distance ! XC flying became his main interest and during the summer of 2023, he embarked on an adventure to cross the Alps by paraglider from Slovenia to Nice, climbing the most emblematic peaks on the way with friends. "It was a crazy journey!" (He's making a movie about that, coming soon !). After the traverse he took advantage of his good flying shape and the incredible conditions of August 2023 to fly several big triangles with the Base 2 Lite, including my first 200k FAI. Guilaume has a lot of plans for new adventures, and would like to start XC and hike & fly competitions with the goal of having fun and becoming a better pilot.


  • Age : 26
  • Flying since : 2018
  • Current kit : Base 2 Lite, Anda
  • Top sites : Vallouise (France)
  • Gig : Engineer
  • Activities : mountaineering, climbing, skimo, filmmaking