Lisa Katharina Heim


After moving to Salzburg in 2012 for her studies, Lisa became passionate about paragliding quickly, living closeby one of the paragliding hotspots of the region - Mount Gaisberg. Always been an adventurous person, paragliding since then became one of her favorite activities next to hiking, ski touring and traveling the world (45 countries visited, not stopping!). Her wing has taken her to many beautiful places like the Dune du Pilat at the Atlantic Coast in France, Mount Raucheck, the highest peak of the mountain range Tennengebirge and various amazing peaks in hike & fly tours around Europe! She chose to fly a BGD Epic because it fits her needs perfectly, it’s safe and still very agile and fun and a wing she can rely on in all her adventures!

#Weekend Warriors, #Vol Bivouac, #Cross Country

  • Age : 29
  • Flying since 2012
  • Current kit : BGD Epic S
  • Top sites : Dune du Pilat, France Staufen, Bavaria Untersberg, Bavaria
  • Gig : Sales Rep for Heineken
  • Bad weather fillers : Hike & Fly, Ski Touring, Ski & Fly


    2019 Hike and Fly Mount Raucheck, highest peak of the Tennengebirge
    Uncountable different launch sites doing hike & fly
    5th place Grazi Man 2019, women’s individual starter
    Multiple hours in the air soaring Mt. Gaisberg