Mette Krum


After completing her master's degree in Denmark in 2021, Mette Krum discovered a passion for flying during a spontaneous tandem flight along the coast. Since then, paragliding has taken her to various stunning locations around the world, and she currently serves as an instructor in her local club. Actively pursuing the development of acrobatic skills, Mette finds immense joy in competitive flying, making remarkable progress in world-class events. Opting for the BGD Base 2 glider after a test flight in Macedonia, she was impressed by BGD's reputation for safety and the high performance of this B-class glider. Mette's short-term goal is to excel as a pilot on sports-class wings, focusing on building confidence and safety while gradually pushing her limits. In the long term, she aspires to compete in world-class events and explore diverse flying sites with friends. Beyond paragliding, Mette nurtures and rides her Icelandic horse, Felix, whom she's raised and trained since birth. Socializing with friends, dedicating time to strength training, and indulging in jigsaw puzzles while listening to Cloudbase Mayhem are among her favorite pastimes. Thrilled with her paragliding journey, Mette looks forward to the exciting adventures that lie ahead.


  • Age : 30
  • Flying since : 2021
  • Current kit : Base 2
  • Top sites : Macedonia, Oludeniz, Pedro Bernardo, where ever there is a comp, Danish coastline
  • Gig : Biotechnology engineer
  • Activities : horse back riding, strength/crossfit, biking, bioscience, jigsaw puzzles, travelling