Nathalia Pinzon


Nathalia Pinzon is an adventure sports lover. Since I was 14 I practice skateboarding maneuvers and it is thanks to the construction of a skatepark in the mountains near his city in Bucaramanga that he knew the paraglider closely, made his first flight in 2007 and from that moment he realized that he was born to fly. Passionate about sports, travel, food, family and friendship are their main feature. She graduated as a Historian and works to promote responsible tourism in Colombia through sports, she wants everyone to know her beloved country. This objective has led her to develop her sport professionally obtaining excellent results, now Colombia is a bronze medal for a team in the Paragliding World Championship and now dreams of being a World Champion. Nathalia decided to do paragliding in a professional and safe way, so I look for the best company that could support this process and since the beginning I was always waiting for manufacturers to build paragliding with bright colors as in the beginning, by fortitude BGD fulfilled their thoughts. Continuing to know the mountains of the world from the sky, transforming minds and giving smiles through free flight is what Nathalia wants to continue doing in the future.

#Weekend Warriors, #Accuracy

  • Age : 33
  • Flying since 2007
  • Current kit : BGD Adam S
  • Top sites : Andes, Alpes
  • Gig : History and Paragliding
  • Bad weather fillers : Paragliding, MTB, Skateboarding, Hiking, Swimming, Gym, Tennis, Dance, Yoga.
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    Projects: WorldCup Macedonia 2021
    favorite memorable flights: Israel, Brasil, USA, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Austria, Francia, Italia, Suiza.
    impressive place you have flown: Ruitoque and Chicamocha Canyon (Colombia)
    records (national and International)
    competition results: Bronze Medal Team Colombia and 6th Women Place WordCup Accuracy Serbia 2019.
    Colombian National Champion Accuracy 2018
    140 Km Baixo Guandu Brasil 2016 personal cross country Record