Phillip Fritz


​The first contact with being in the air, paragliding, seeing new perspectives and the feeling of being free that comes with, I got in autumn of 2003 on a tandem with one of my best and oldest friends Patrick in upper Austria. It was an amazing experience and the trigger for my own flying career. At the beginning it was just the flying and the feeling of being in the air. After some time it was the combination between hiking and flying. Now I try to live the final step, in combination with XC-flying. I love doing and practising this sport, because I’m able to feel the spirit of nature during this time. Altogether I like to travel with my wing to new areas and to explore the world from the best view a human has ever taken before, and if it's possible, in combination with XC flying and my best air buddies e.g. Raimund Trummer.

#Weekend Warriors, #Cross Country

  • Flying since 2004
  • Gig : Plasterer / teacher
  • Bad weather fillers : Paragliding, mountain climbing


    Flying in following Countries:
    Nepal, India, Morocco, Lanzarote, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria

    113 km FAI triangle on SE side and foothills of Alps called Schöckl in 2013
    177 km flat triangle flight in Kerio Valley 2016
    210 km free distance in Kerio Valley on BGD Cure 2017
    4 times at RED BULL Dolomitenmann (2011,2012,2015, 2017)
    3 times at Bordairline\Bordairrace – with the longest XC flight @ bordairrace Schöckl in 2018