Julien Millot


Julien Millot is born in the flattest part of France, it took 25 years to understand what missed so much in his life : the third dimension. Since 2005 he has been passionate with everything extreme; rock climbing, slack lining, flying, wandering in the mountains, seeking heights, and searching for new feelings in the air. Co-founder of a collective known as The Flying Frenchies, Julien loves to mix sports and friends in order to realize extraordinary moments. With two kids, he is daily juggling from extreme sports to extreme family planning around the Annecy area. From flying wingsuit all over the world, to 200 km XC in the backyard, he never stops learning and discovering new things.


  • Age : 42
  • Flying since : 2009
  • Current kit : Cure 2 / Dual 2
  • Top sites : Annecy, for the beauty of the place, Dent de Crolles, for the endless sunset soaring, Ecrins Massif, such an amazing mountain range
  • Gig : Paragliding instructor
  • Activities : Climbing / Wingsuit Base Jumping
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