Pavel Kante


Already in 1976 I was attracted BY free flying. At that time hang gliders were still at the beginning of their development, so we had to construct one by ourselves and test our theoretical knowledge in real conditions, as there were only very limited available sources, like sketches and notes. In 1991 I flew for the first time with a paraglider. Since that flight I am devoted to this sport, which is still the biggest part of my life. Every year, since this first flight, I gradually improved my flying skills and knowledge about flying. If award is a criteria or measure for success, I got mine in 2009, when SFFA awarded me with the prize for winning the Slovenian XC Cup (6 longest flight in one season, mostly over 200km). All the experiences that I have gained over the years (lot of testing different glider models of various manufacturers) allow me to identify the best performing models of all categories except competition gliders. At the moment my choice fell on the BGD CURE, which is an excellent product in its category !!!


  • Age : 123
  • Flying since : 1991
  • Current kit : BGD Cure - Dual
  • Top sites : Galičica Ohrid Macedonia, Dolomiti-Italy, Kruševo-Macedonia, Alps