Raimond Trummer


Paragliding is my absolute favorite sport. I'm in the air for 200 hours and more a year. The freedom of flying means a lot to me. I am not a competitor but a connoisseur. In the planning of air travel and expeditions, I can completely rise. So far, I have tested up to ten gliders a year, as I always wanted to know how the new releases fly. A Ziad Basil for "Poor", so to speak. I live on the Flugberg of Graz, the Schöckel. So I'm in the middle of it, not just here. A longtime aviator colleague of BGD's Christoph Scheer, he has given me several wings for testing in recent years, and he gave me and my flight buddy Philipp Fritz two Talas for an expedition to Anapurna in Nepal. I have been a BGD fan since the beginning. I think Bruce Goldsmith's designs are very reliable, and I have checked out most models very thoroughly!

#Cross Country

  • Летает с 1988
  • Летает в данный момент на : BGD Cure
  • Профессия : District attorney
  • Погодные условия : Paragliding, kayaking, mountaineering, motorcycling, skiing
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    Paragliding in the last 28 years to Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Morocco, Kenya, Nepal, India, Romania, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Albania, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia,
    Two almost-190km triangles in Kerio valley, Kenya in 2016 with a BGD BASE in very difficult weather conditions
    On to new horizons with the newly-received Cure ML. I have already experienced the healing!