The Dual gets great feedback from pilots around the world.



The first Duals are getting great feedback from tandem pilots around the World. Here are a few of their comments: I flew all the tandem wings that their are in israel. And the Dual is definitely the best for me. Nice job Bruce.      Ohad Sahlove, Tandem pilot, Tel-Aviv, Israel (thanks for the video). The Dual is light all-round. Light in the bag and light in the air. Great launch, very accessible, light handling, easy landing.      Philippe Lami, Tester for Parapente Mag, Professional Tandem pilot, France. Excellent lift on take-off and slow landing, very precise handling, excellent glide at least as good if not better than the best existing tandems on the market, good low speed flight characteristics that make it easy to top land- good finish quality.      Grimpaillou, Professional Tandem pilot, Moustiers, France. My first impressions: I was never flying a tandem with this precise handling at all!! Great job Bruce - and thanks for this machine J.      Kurt Vorraber, Professional Tandem Pilot, Germany/Austria

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