We are constantly receiving news from our tandem pilots about the Dual’s resistance to aging!



Jay Kahyaoglu is a tandem pilot in Oludeniz, Turkey and sent over his thoughts about our Dual after a season. He says (the Dual) "is always subjected to abrasion on take off as well as on landing... and, in terms of wear and tear, no fabric is ripped or damaged, no stitches are damaged, fabric feels softer but still very good… Currently, the performance is more or less the same as when new. For us the take off is the most important part and regardless of conditions, I have not been let down by the Dual." Kurt Vorraber from Germany commented: “The character is still the same after 300 flights… Also, I am surprised that the glider still has the same aggressive recovery back to the normal flying position after wingovers and spiral. Normally, when a tandem glider gets older it has slower recovery behavior...  Bruce of course the Dual has a flying behavior - the best tandem we have ever flown JJ 70 kg and also 110 Kg Pilots are happy with it……..” Les Passesgers du Vent in Annecy, France praised the Dual show the Dual as the only paraglider they use that received perfect marks in a Certika revision after a full season. The report states, “this Dual retained very good structural characteristics. RAS”In addition to the use of super strong lines, resistant materials and lasting design, Bruce believes it is due to his Cord Cut Billow technology that reduces stress in the top leading edge panels. Whatever the reason the result is clear: the Dual is a brilliant wing for tandem pilots who want the maximum return on investment.

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