Cure EN/LTF-C Beat the bug

The remedy for patients who have progressed beyond the EN-B stage of treatment, and require a higher-performing cure for the flying bug.

paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design

Flying Style

  • Learning
  • Hike and Fly
  • Cross Country
  • Freestyle
  • SIV
paraglider Cure EN/LTF-C <em>Beat the bug</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design


  S M ML L  
Линейный фактор масштабирования 0.96 1 1.04 1.08  
Проекционная площадь 17.69 19.20 20.77 22.39
Площадь в плане 21.20 23.00 24.88 26.83
Вес крыла 4.2 4.6 5.0 5.4 kg
Общая длинная строп 225 244 264 285 m
Высота 7.10 7.625 7.9 8.2 m
Количество основных строп 3/3/4 A/B/C
Секции 108/60/118  
Удлинение в плане 6.75  
Проекционное удлинение 4.87  
Корневая хорда 2.18 2.27 2.36 2.45 m
Размах в плане 11.96 12.46 12.96 13.46 m
Проекционный размах 9.27 9.66 10.05 10.43 m
Весовая вилка 60-80 75-95 90-110 105-125 kg
Триммерная скорость 40 km/h
Максимальная скорость 57 km/h
Минимальное снижение 1.0 m/sec
Аэродинамическое качество 11  
Сертификация EN/LTF-C  


Are you finding it hard to stay up? Suffering from flight sweats, bomb-outs, or launch anxiety? Feel like you’re not making goal? There ARE treatment options. If you or someone you know has been experiencing some or all of these symptoms, maybe it is time to ask your dealer about the EN-C CURE. The “flying bug” has afflicted thousands of pilots around the world and is quickly becoming the leading cause of giant FAI triangles. Luckily, doctor Bruce Goldsmith has had a number of breakthroughs in developing the EN-C CURE. Clinical trials* have proven the CURE highly effective in climb, glide, speed, safety and handling. This remedy has been developed for patients who have progressed beyond the EN-A and EN-B stages and require a higher performance treatment.

*not tested on animals


From the ground up (literally) the EN-C CURE is a supercharged paraglider combining the perfect ratio between climbing efficiency and usable performance, guaranteed to cure even the worst cases of the “flying bug”.

Studies suggest that the EN-C CURE mutates into an extension of the patient’s mind and body as they speedily work towards their goals. Bruce Goldsmith handling has been added to maximize the quality of the experience.

INGREDIENTS: Trademark Cord Cut Billow, 54 leading edge mini-ribs, Strong shark, 60 enhanced cells, 6.75 flat aspect ratio, optimised micro-lines, 4.3-5.4kg weight, Bruce Goldsm¬ith handling, zesty artificial colouring.

Заметки Брюса

Its 3am and I can’t sleep. My mind is racing, non-stop. My wife, Arna, always says my best ideas come at night but I have to test high-G spirals tomorrow. Like a jolt, it happens. Reinforced leading edge mini-ribs combined with Cord Cut Billow would allow for an aggressive shark nose, minimal cells, and brilliant stable speed. I fall asleep in total bliss. The next morning a mix of rip-stop, plastic, and cloth create a rippled sticky mess across the leading edge of a prototype. Despite the homemade quality issues, the idea worked! A few prototypes later the CURE was born.

Out of the factory, the mini-ribs work better than I expected. It is the paraglider of my dreams (when I finally get to sleep). High performance, light design, exceptional handling, and impeccable safety all wrapped up into a neat colourful package. The EN-C CURE truly cures my craving.


Верхняя поверхность : Dominico N30 42g/m²
Нижняя поверхность : Porcher Skytex 27g/m²
Внутренняя структура : Porcher Skytex Hard 27-32g/m²
Усиление передней кромки : Plastic wire 2,4mm
Свободные концы : 13mm black Kevlar/nylon webbing
Блочки : Ronstan/Harken P18 pulleys
Верхние стропы : Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U (Unsheathed)
Средние стрпоы : Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U (Unsheathed)
Нижние стропы : Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U (Unsheathed)
Стропы управления : Liros DC (Unsheathed)

Цветовые варианты

Доставка содержит

  • Paraglider
  • Rucksack
  • BGD T-shirt
  • USB stick with manuals
  • BGD stickers
  • Stuff sack
  • Riser bag
  • Compression strap

Элементы Дизайна

Cord Cut Billow (CCB)

Cord Cut Billow технология была разработана что бы улучшить форму крыла, стабильность о общие полетные характеристики наших крыльев. Два дополнительных шва идут вдаль передней кромки по всему размаху крыла. Это влияет на форму секций вдоль передней кромки, когда крыло наполнено. Более 10 сантиметров дополнительного материала создается на краю наполненной секции изгибаясь вдоль профиля. Обычно это создает складки в месте сшивания, но наша технология Cord Cut Billow убирает складки преобразуя их в чистый эффективный профиль. Этот шаг улучшает профиль передней кромки и стабильность крыла.

Mini-ribs в передней кромке

Усиленные Mini-ribs(Мини-нервюры), расположенные по передней кромке, разработаны для удержания более жесткой формы профиля, особенно в полете на акселераторе.

Strong Shark

An aggressive shark nose optimises internal pressure at all speeds.

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