Franck Largeault


Franck and his brother made a bet to start paragliding together… so they did, but for Franck, living at the foot of the Alps, it was truly love at first flight. Since his first lesson he has spent most of his free time under his BGD gliders (Echo, Riot and soon Base 2). As a trail runner he mostly hikes up to his take offs (when he’s not running up there!). His will to fly has naturally brought him to Cross Country flying with a few nice triangles under his belt around his home town of Aix les Bains, France after only a single season. His goal is to always improve his flying skills and hopefully one day break the record distance of his local flying site. In 2021 he’ll try to qualify for Tandem flights so that his wife, son and daughter can all discover the incredible feeling of flying.


  • Age : 41
  • Flying since : 2019
  • Current kit : Base 2
  • Top sites : Verel, Le Sire, Les Bauges, La Chartreuse
  • Gig : Marketing Manager
  • Activities : Paragliding, Trail Running, Mountaineering, Ski Touring, Climbing, Scuba Diving,
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