Sylvain Nobile


Sylvain started paragliding with mini-wings, being mainly interested in hike & fly and soaring. But then he became more and more attracted by XC flying, so he started flying with a “regular” glider in May 2015. It was a BGD Base and he felt in love with this wing! It was a pleasure to improve his skills with this glider, discovering XC and flying more and more over the following years.
He enjoys cross-country flying, but also hike and fly. He took part in his first hike & fly competition in 2018. He also loves to share his passion for flying with tandem flights, and loves going XC with friends on the tandem.


  • Age : 36
  • Flying since : 2012
  • Current kit : Cure 2 & Dual2
  • Top sites : Vérel Le Revard Annecy Aiguebelette Le Grand Bornand Le Margériaz
  • Gig : MTB instructor
  • Activities : Mountain biking, skiing, ski-touring, trail running


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