Sam Essertier


At a young age Sam watched hang gliders leap off a cliff and fly away. He was immediately hooked. Before paragliding was invented Sam knew he wanted to fly, he was always watching birds, clouds and how air flows. When he had his first real job, he worked just enough to pay for a paragliding course , equipment, and the summer to practice and it continues! Work to fly. Currently, Sam works as a paragliding instructor. He is always searching for those raw feelings he only finds in nature and in the sky. He has dabbled with XC and hike and fly competitions ( in solo and tandem) but it is never enough freedom for him. He constantly strives to make big triangles in the French Alps.


  • Возраст : 52
  • Летает с : 1998
  • Летает в данный момент на : Cure 2, Dual 2
  • Места полетов : Vercors's Est face in the morning, Val d'Hérens and val d'Anniviers in the afternoon, From Dormillouse to St André at sunset , Over the Annecy lake by night.
  • Профессия : Paragliding instructor, site manager in wind turbines construction...
  • Погодные условия : cross-country ski, snowboard, mountain bike, hiking, running, kayak, snow kayak, and many more...
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