Francesco Delpiano


Masta AKA Francesco Delpiano was infected by the paragliding virus in November 2012 during his stay in the town of Pokhara (Nepal); has completed its first didactic flights in Nepal and the first flights from neophyte on the cliffs of the west coast of India. Back in Italy he obtained first the paragliding pilot's licence and then the hang-glider pilot's licence, the next licence on the list is the tandem paragliding pilot one. When he flies he loves to play, learn and conquer new scenarios, he likes to play with the wind and the slope, fly away on XC, land on take-off to greet friends or land on top of a hill or mountain to enjoy the view. For him the flight is not a matter of kilometres travelled or competing, his goal in this game is to learn something new every time and land with a big smile to take home in the evening. He decided to fly BGD one and a half years ago after trying the PUNK. His words: "It was love at first sight! Direct and precise piloting, those colours and the name, Malcom (BGD Italy) I want one, this is the wing for me!!!". In his down-to-earth life he works as a stage technician for concerts and events. He lives in a small country village with his wonderful companion Alessia, a dog named Lucky and a red cat named Zucca.


  • 年龄 : 36
  • 开始飞行的年份 2013
  • 当前使用装备 : BGD Punk M
  • 主要飞行场地 : San Giacomo (Italy), Val Vigezzo (Italy), Alagna (Italy)
  • 职业 : Stage technician
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    Flew and top landed the Mont Blanc after reaching over 5000m above the summit (21/06/2019)
    Flew the south side of the Mont Blanc massif (2018)
    Top-landed on Marmolada summit (2018)
    Landed in the garden at home a few times (2018)
    Longest Flight 101km flat triangle (2017)
    Reached 4380m in the Aosta Valley (2017)
    Landed straight on a nice bush on my first top-landing attempt :D (2013)
    Flying with friends over and close to the mountain of my backyard (any time)
    A nice collection of top-landings.


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