Valentin Tanniger


Valentin Grew up on a bike, and first took to the air at the age of 21, first on planes, then moving to paragliders when the freedom to hike up any mountain and fly down again won him over. He says paragliding brings him into another dimension and creates a special connection with nature. It might be an individual sport, but Valentin likes to share it, with friends, family and other pilots. He loves flying vol-biv with friends and is always trying to learn from experienced pilots. He especially likes to combine it with his other passions of hiking, skiing, and biking. Valentin studies geomorphology – movements on the Earth's surface. His work is outdoors, in mountains, and he takes a wing to fly down afterwards. To start writing the reports up quicker, of course! ;-) His interest and knowledge in the Earth motivate him to protect it and encourage others to do the same. In 2022 Valentin, together with Ana-May Chevalley, is planning to bike-and-fly from Switzerland to Turkey via the Italian foothills, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, the Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Greece. That's a lot of pedalling, hopefully a lot of airtime, and a great challenge!


  • 年龄 : 26
  • 开始飞行的年份 : 2017
  • 当前使用装备 : Base 2 Lite, Kiss
  • 主要飞行场地 : Le Suchet, Zinal, Verbier – Switzerland
  • 职业 : Student in Geomorphology
  • 其他爱好 : Biking, ski touring