Phillip Pinetzki


I have started paragliding in 2014 because of my wife. She was flying since two years and the basic course was a gift of her. Since then everything has changed. I have quitted climbing and mountain biking, and started focusing on paragliding. Every free time and every holiday I try to fly as much as possible always trying to combine xc flying with hiking. You wanna join me finding deserted take offs and original nature away from gondolas at Allgäu? Feel free to ask me!

#Nomad, #Vol Bivouac, #Cross Country

  • Летает с 2014
  • Летает в данный момент на : BGD Base lite
  • Места полетов : Allgäu, Northern Alps
  • Профессия : Shopkeeper
  • Погодные условия : Paragliding, running, travelling
В команде


    ​Xc flying Nepal with backcountry camping
    Countless h&f tours at Bavaria especially at Allgäu
    Several bivouac at Allgäu with flights at the sunrise