Rene Falquier


One among 6 siblings, Rene was born and raised in Mexico City to a Swiss father and an American mother. By the age of 2, Rene was riding his father’s shoulders on downhill sled runs during family visits to Switzerland. A love for action sports was born which would lead to his paragliding certification in the summer of 2016, nearly 25 years later. The sport inspired him to pursue his master’s in aeronautics in Stockholm. After convincing his professor to let him do his keystone project in the paragliding industry, all he had to do was find said project. Armed with a CV, he attended the 2018 Coupe Icare, pitching his idea booth to booth. It was there that he met Bruce, Tom, and Christoph (who of course, offered him a beer). The rest is history, and Rene still contributes to BGD’s R&D efforts in his spare time. His current goals are set on the competition and XC scene. In the longer term, he nurtures a wild idea for a combined paragliding / surfing adventure somewhere deep in Mexico’s mystical coast… Rene feels safe and performant under BGD’s wings, and describes them as “aeronautical art”. What he loves most about BGD is that their colorful gliders are designed and flown by equally colorful people. Often far from home, he cherishes the family feel of the BGD team.


  • Возраст : 32
  • Летает с : 2016
  • Летает в данный момент на : Base 2
  • Места полетов : • El Peñon, Valle De Bravo – Mexico • Piedrahita – Spain • Palomar Mountain, San Diego – USA • Gourdon – France • Ölüdeniz – Turkey • Torrey Pines, San Diego – USA • BEO – Switzerland
  • Профессия : Aeronautical Engineer
  • Погодные условия : Surfing, Downhill Skiing, Trekking
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