Stefano Gurgone


Stefano Gurgone, AKA Stefano Supertramp, was born in Bologna, Italy, into a family of flyers. His dad took up hang gliding in the early 1980s in Sicily.
Stefano took up flying at the age of 20 in Castelluccio di Norcia. It was a hobby at first, but after a few years he decided to quit his job and dedicate his life to inspiring other people and sharing his passion.
He worked for four years in the school were he learned, teaching others how to fly, then discovered a love for travel, always with his paraglider.
The passion grew and grew. He took his tandem licence and gave up everything that didn't involve flying. He became the official speaker for a very long list of high-level events including the Acro World Tour, hang gliding Worlds, paragliding worlds, Ölüdeniz Air Games, Polish Open, British Open, Nordic Open, and a host of local events in Sicily, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy and Spain... He was in charge of the live streaming and official speaking for the UAE Hike and Fly with Chrigel Maurer and Aaron Durogati.
An acro aficionado, Stefano was a competitor and the Italian team leader for the 2021 Accuracy World Championships in Macedonia.
When he's not flying, he's thinking about flying, talkinga bout flying or writing about flying. He regularly has articles published in the Italian Free Flight Federation magazine.
He choose BGD because of the products, of course, but also because "BGD is a family made by people with heart, passion, and a special joy for life. They look amazing, always smiling. For them is not too much about the performance as it is for the experience."


  • Возраст : 39
  • Летает с : 2004
  • Летает в данный момент на : Punk
  • Места полетов : France, Spain and its Islands, Slovenia, Italy, Australia, Canada, Indonesia
  • Профессия : Paragliding Events Organizer
  • Погодные условия : Paragliding, Hang gliding, Snowboard, Ski, Slackline, AcroYoga, Skateboard, Surf, SUP
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